What is cremation?

The cremation of a pet is a traditional, respectful, clean, and rapid method of reducing a loved one’s remains. A pet is gently laid to rest on the hearth of a crematory chamber and is then exposed to high temperatures that reduce the matter into cremated remains

What is the difference between private and communal pet cremation?

Private Cremation— A cremation procedure during which only one animal’s body is present in the cremation unit during the cremation process.

Communal Cremation— A cremation procedure where multiple pet’s are cremated together without any form of separation. These commingled cremated remains are not returned to the pet parent.

Can I bring my pet directly to All Paws Pet Cremation Services?

Yes, you may bring your pet directly to us. Please call so that we are prepared for your arrival. You can also arrange for us to bring your companion into our care directly from your veterinary hospital.

My pet passed away and I am not sure what to do now?

If your pet passes away at your veterinarian’s hospital ask who they choose for cremation services. If your veterinary clinic is one of our clients, there is no need to contact us. They will notify us about your pet and your final arrangement wishes.

If they do not use All Paws Pet Cremation Services, simply let them know you have chosen All Paws Pet Cremation Services for your pet’s aftercare needs. You may call us or ask your veterinarian to call us. We will bring your pet into our care from your veterinarian’s office or at any of the emergency or specialty centers and transport your pet to our Memorial Center.  You are welcome to come to our center to complete the arrangements or contact us by phone.

How do I know that I am getting the right cremated remains back?

We have a multi-point check process in place, verifying the pet at each stage from the point we bring your pet into our care until we return your pet’s cremated remains. Each pet is assigned an identification number that stays with the companion animal throughout the entire aftercare process. You are also welcome to choose our witnessed cremation service, allowing you to witness your pet being placed into the crematory. With this option, you may rest in our comfortable waiting area during the cremation.


How much does cremation cost?

The cost will vary depending service you choose. Please call for additional information. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Are we allowed to include a blanket or flowers with our pet during the cremation process?

We encourage including flowers, letters and pictures.  If you would like to send a blanket or towel we request that they be small and made from organic fibers.

Do you provide euthanasia services?

We do not provide this service, as only a professional veterinarian may euthanize a pet. We can, however, provide you with several referrals; we have reliable partners in many states that offer humane pet euthanasia after all other wellness options have been exhausted. Please always feel free to call us for any additional help.